Nkoyas protest BRE’s schemes

CONFUSION has erupted in Kaoma’s newly created district of Nkeyema where the Barotse Royal Establishment have sent a chief for installation.

The Nkoya speaking people of Kaoma are demanding for the removal of the Barotse Kuta in Kaoma. They want their own chief installed.

The confusion has forced the Nkoyas to call for a meeting to halt the BRE’s decision to have another chief in Kaoma when the Nkoyas already had two chiefs in the area.

And Kazanga Cultural Association chairman Layton Kaushiku has appealed to the Government to immediately repeal the Chief Acts to end the anarchy in Western Province.

Mr Kaushiku said the Lozis were trying to make it difficult for the Nkoyas because they wanted to be above all the people in the area.

He said it was for that reason that the Nkoyas were calling for the removal of the BRE Kuta in Kaoma to avoid confusion.

“How can we have Lozi chiefs in Kaoma when we already have chiefs who are representing the Nkoya people, and this is the reason why confusion will not end in Western Province,” he said.

Mr Kaushiku said it would be fair for the Government to allow for the eleventh province that would give the Nkoya chiefs authority to stand for their own people.

“The same Nkoyas who are treated as rejects are the ones who were looking after those animals and here we are as a country we are now benefitting from the natural resources.

“If anything, the Litunga is our relative but the people next to him are the ones who are misleading him and wanting to bring confusion by advocating things that could work to the disadvantage of other tribes, “Mr Kaushiku said.

He said Western Province was developed by most of the Mbundas who were running businesses there and created jobs for many youths.

He said all tribes should have their own gazetted chiefs to represent their subjects accordingly, without depending on one tribe.