There is no planet B

Like every other well meaning global citizen, I’ve been following the COP21 discussions as day follows night.

We hope that a global treaty addressing global warming and climate change will ensue from these momentous meetings.

As I was watching television the day COP21 kicked off, one white lady held a banner that caught my attention like fire.

It read, in big black capital letters on white backdrop: There is no planet B! Let us share with the world; isn’t this the same point our local poet, Jelera Young, was trying to say when he wrote: Scientists searched, Believers believed, But there was found no place like Earth! Thinkers thought, Teachers taught, But there was found no place like Earth!,

Preachers preached, But there was found no place like Earth! Prophets prophesised, But the wise concluded: Knowing there exist not a place like Earth, Let’s cherish and protect our planet with our last breath!

Indeed, it is a hard fact that to our contemporary scientific knowledge, we have not found a place in the universe that supports life like Earth.

That, simply, means that once we mess up this beautiful blue planet, we have nowhere to run to!  Therefore, let us look after our planet and, may we always try to remember-there is no planet B!!!

Andrea B. Matambo

Lusaka Climate Ambassador.