Today’s text messages

Wake up mother Africa


The just ended China-Africa economic summit must mark the beginning of real economic partnership between Africa and countries in the Eastern world. I hope Zambia will from now onwards look to the east where the sun rises and not to the west where it sets.

The Western countries are nothing but an economic gang comprising of imperialists hiding under the shield of investors’ they are up to no good apart from being obsessed with desires of being dominant over African countries. Wake up African.

Marvin Chanda.


Govt should be prudent in its planning  


The Government should be careful the way they make decisions. They should avoid extremes as they have the potential to distort the economy. First we had the 200 percent salary increase for public workers, now we have 200 percent power tariff hike. These are the things that bring distortions in the economy. Please try to be moderate in your actions.

Chris, Lusaka.


 Govt can do more


I wish to commend Government through  your paper which believes in objectivity, for cutting down expenditure and  foreign trips by Government officials. This is commendable, however, I wish the Government through Ministry of Local Government to look into councils travel and subsistence allowances. Some councils are losing out thousands of kwacha through trips which are not profitable or beneficial to the councils, hence, failing to meet service delivery to  communities. Can the issue of workshops, unnecessary trips be looked into.

I even wonder why this cannot be stopped when councils are facing challenges of meeting their operational costs.

Concerned retire.


PF will be history in 2016


Ba Daily Nation be sincere. Just before Sata died you used to criticize PF very much. After his death PF has become your darling. You Easterners, what is your problem? Mr Richard Sakala it means the one you didn’t like was Sata now that your tribes mate is President. But we can assure you come what  may, there will be no PF in 2016 after  elections.



 Give HH chance to rule


The UPND president merely expressed what is happening in Zambia. There is no investor confidence at the moment as well as no investor opportunities in our country. Let’s give the UPND a chance to rule this country and let Mr. Hichilema come with new ideas and investor confidence in our country so that the Zambian people can get jobs. We need to move our country forward.

Mweemba Simulamponda, Lusaka


Nkombo’s remarks unfortunate


I wish to refer to those horrible and heartbreaking remarks by Hon Gary Nkombo. They are not progressive. But full of hate; they are tribal and he should be told that no one region in Zambia can change government.

Boyd Kasalika UPND member, Petauke.