Up abstinence, use of contraceptives

THERE is need to scale up utilisation of modern contraceptives and promotion of abstinence among women to prevent death and other complications that come as a result of unsafe abortions, Women’s Lobby national chairperson Beauty Katebe has suggested.

Ms. Katebe bemoaned the continued deaths of women from unsafe abortions in the country.

She observed that unsafe abortion had dangerous effects that could lead to haemorrhage, chronic pelvic infections and infertility in women.

“Women need to adopt family planning methods to avoid pregnancy and even sexually transmitted diseases, and the best advice we can give them is to abstain from sex as the best way of avoiding pregnancy.

“They should not engage in sexual activities if they don’t want to get pregnant, because unsafe abortions come with serious complications which are very regrettable,” Ms. Katebe said.

She reiterated that it was more dangerous for pregnant women to use concocted materials to terminate their pregnancies.

Ms. Katebe observed that the girl child was the most vulnerable to unsafe abortion.

She urged school girls to avoid unsafe abortion and its related practices and be more focused on their education.

“In most cases, school girls are the victims of unsafe abortions, they are so vulnerable. Parents and guardians need to emphasis the importance of abstinence. Girls should be encouraged to concentrate more on education and their ambitions, sex will always be there, but it should be done at the right time when one is ready,” she said.