Lessons from Nevers Mumba

Dear Editor,


WHEN I compare the words of MMD president Nevers Mumba (‘UPND defends HH’ – Sunday Nation, December 6, 2015) and those of both UPND vice president Canisius Banda and the party president Hakainde Hichilema at the global investment in Africa summit in London, it is not difficult to see why the UPND is in such a dire need of international relations direction. 

In his statement, MMD esteemed leader, Nevers Mumba shares lessons of international diplomacy through a voice of rationality, offering clarity, maturity and solutions as well as political wisdom.

In contrast, UPND leaders act irrationally. They have for example spoken ill of our country in foreign countries, insulted our President while making empty promises on investment opportunities after 2016 general elections.

Besides, UPND’s campaign messages espoused overseas would not help the opposition party win the general elections next year and form government in Zambia.

Today in many British and other international business gatherings, unsurprisingly, UPND leaders are portrayed as political cowards and

neophytes who endlessly beg for Western support whilst lobbying for sanctions against their own country.

Evidence suggests that regardless of what Hichilema may have said at the global investment in Africa summit in London, this is very likely what lies behind the current crusade against the PF administration in the UPND.

Certainly, it is opposition leaders like Nevers Mumba that deserve the respect and support of ordinary Zambians.

He has proposed several solutions not only to our constitution-making process but our energy, economic and international relations problems too.

The UPND leaders can help themselves by learning from him and it would not be difficult for the top honchos from UPND to invest in his suggestions and solutions.

Meanwhile, the UPND is in such a dire need of top leaders who could ensure that they speak well of the country, when they are abroad and never denigrate it even if they know that things may not be going as fine as anticipated.

Mubanga Luchembe,