PF not pushing Mutati for MMD presidency -Chama

THE Patriotic Front (PF) has rubbished speculation that the ruling party is causing confusion in the MMD by sponsoring Lunte member of Parliament Felix Mutati to take over the presidency of the former ruling party.

PF secretary general Davis Chama said the ruling party was not in the business of buying off political parties and that the MMD was supporting his party on the constitution-making process on principle.

Mr Chama said opposition political parties that were supporting the PF had realized that the ruling party was the only hope for Zambia following its record time achievement in turning the economic fortunes of the country.

He told the Daily Nation that President Edgar Lungu had not only inspired members of the ruling party but that the opposition political party leaders were happy with the manner the Head of State was governing the country.

He said it was not possible for the ruling party to invest money in weakening the opposition political parties because the PF strongly believed in competitive democracy in which political parties competed on ideas and the relevance of their ideologies.

Mr Chama said the PF was happy with the support it was receiving from the MMD but was not in any way scheming to have Mr Mutati take over the presidency of the former ruling party.

He explained that those who were peddling such propaganda that the PF had secured money to sponsor Mr Mutati to contest the MMD presidency were only frightened that they would not be able to win the 2016 general elections.

He said the PF was aware that some opposition political party had hatched a propaganda strategy meant to create anger among citizens so that they could rise against the ruling party. “We are not in the business of buying opposition political parties because that is not our kind of politics. The support we are getting from the MMD over the constitution-making process was not bought and we believe the former ruling party is doing that out of conviction. The PF is the only political party that can drive this country forward for the next 20 years. So some opposition political parti is scared of losing again next year and are inventing reasons to justify their refusal to accept defeat,” Mr Chama said.

And Mr Chama has said if the elections were to be called today, the ruling party would be ready to participate and win the general elections with a wider margin than what was obtained in the last presidential election. Mr Chama said the opposition was gripped with fear of another loss and had resorted to fabricating malicious stories about President Lungu planning to call for early general elections.

Mr Chama explained that the registration of voters exercise would only be completed in March next year after which the voter verification would commence.

Mr Chama said the opposition political parties had perfected the art of telling lies but that Zambians were no longer interested in cheap political propaganda. He stated that there is a provision in the Draft Constitution on the date of the general elections and that the opposition should take time to read the draft instead of thinking President Lungu was going to ambush them with early elections.