Post should not fabricate stories

Dear Editor

That story in the Post about Chingola residents telling First Lady Esther Lungu that they want change of government is total fabrication by the author.

I say so because if Chingola residents truly want change of government, they do not need to tell Mrs Lungu.

The elections are just round the corner and they will be perfectly free to choose who should govern them.

For those who want cheap politics, the first lady is a wrong target for their frustrations.

Mrs Lungu is not a politician , she is just on a goodwill mission to help the needy in the society and  some lame politicians who have nothing better to say, should simply  leave the lady alone.

If they have something to talk about in terms of politics, let them address President Lungu and his PF government, not Mrs Lungu please.

But I am however convinced that the story was warped to mollify the political ego of those in opposition because they know that come 2016, President Lungu will be smiling.

You see when God anoints a leader no man, no matter what, can change His decision.

So please ba opposition don’t be too excited or overconfident, there could be a serious disappointment coming your way in 2016.


Alice Mumba


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