HH, Nawakwi should protest in their home areas

Allow me some space in your paper to comment on the planned demos by FDD and UPND on the Copperbelt.

Why have they picked on Copperbelt for their protests yet electricity is used all over the country.

Is it because they want to gain political mileage against a background of job losses by miners?

I think that they are behaving like political hyenas who want to eat where they did not sow.

Why can’t HH conduct those protests in Southern Province where he comes from while Edith Nawakwi goes to Northern Province to do the same?

Police should not allow this baloney to go ahead because these two political parties are up to no good.

Let me remind them that it is always easier to start a war than to stop it. Their idea, I suspect, after they have realized that they will not win elections in 2016, is to make this country ungovernable.

What a big shame and police must use whatever means they have at their disposal to stop them from plunging this country into serious mobocracy and mayhem. Enough is enough.

Joe Mwansa

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One Response to “HH, Nawakwi should protest in their home areas”

  1. President says:

    These guys so called Hakaivotela Humwine na Nina wakwi have lost political map. Forgive them….


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