Kazungula Council ponders evicting 4,000 developers

KAZUNGULA District Council in Southern province has resolved to repossess all plots that have not been developed since 2012.

This follows a resolution passed on Tuesday during a full council meeting held in the council chamber.

The decision to repossess plots follows the expression of interest by Leads Feat limited, a private company that has showed interest to put up 4,000 housing units in the border town of Kazungula district.

During the meeting, Kazungula Council Secretary Mbulo Seke told the councillors that there was a developer who had showed interest in putting up 4,000 housing units and civic structures on the land which was earmarked for the central business district.

However, Mr. Seke told the full council meeting that there was challenge on the designated land because the developer wanted the one which had already been given to the people and was not willing to take up any other land elsewhere.

He said the council had since signed a memorandum of understanding with the developer committing itself to the deal hence the matter being brought for consideration and resolution.

“I would like to inform this house that there is an issue of a developer who wants to put up a 4,000 housing unit here in Kazungula. The council has already signed the documents committing itself to the deal but my fear is that the land which the developer wants has been given to the people.

“If the project goes ahead, then it means the council must meet the costs of relocating people who have already started developing their plots to a new land and also compensate them. If this house does not come up with a collective resolution, then we might find this council being sued by those who will be displaced but one important issue that needs to be considered is that this project is a very good project for this district,” said Mr. Seke

Kazungula member of Parliament Derrick Livune said in response to the council secretary that the issue has been dragging for a very long time adding that if the district was to be developed, the only way to go was to do the re-entry on plots that have not been developed.

Mr. Livune said that the developer was willing to develop by removing the already built up structures and would not displace any person.

“I feel for us to create enough land for the developer, the council should revoke the land that has not been developed. When people were given these plots in 2012, they were told they needed to develop them within 18 months but it is now 2015 so why should the development of Kazungula be delayed by these people,” he wondered.