MultiChoice thanks Govt for good business environment

IT is only appropriate to thank Government for providing a conducive business environment, says MultiChoice acting general manager Ngoza Kasunga.

Speaking at a media briefing in Lusaka, Ms Kasunga said the conducive business environment provided by Government made it possible for her company to flourish in Zambia and delivered the best television programming to its subscribers.

She said MultiChoice Zambia had made all necessary preparations to celebrate its 20th anniversary of doing business in the country.

“Today, MultiChoice is proud to be the country’s leading pay television service provider. We are committed to delivering quality content sustainably,” she said. She said MultiChoice would continue providing cutting edge technology through its products and services for exciting subscribers.

Ms Kasunga said the company was looking forward to more content coming out of Zambia to be aired across the continent of Africa.

She said MultiChoice believed that was the beginning of many great opportunities for the Zambian film makers.

“The doors are wide open; it is now up to the creative minds in Zambia to come up with great story lines that can break into international markets,” she said.

Ms Kasunga said the company was expecting Government representation, company Africa executives and its key business partners at the 20th anniversary celebrations.