NAREP won’t support any candidate, says Chipimo

NAREP leader Elias Chipimo junior says his party will not support another political party in the 2016 general election.

Mr Chipimo, who has declined to stand himself, has appealed to his members to vote for any candidate of their choice

He has attributed the party’s poor performance in the January 2015 presidential election to politicians who deliberately sent public messages implying that he had died.

Mr. Chipimo said the message did not clearly indicate that the condolences were for the death of his father Elias Chipimo Senior and not him. He said matter distracted voters, especially youths from voting for him as it was not clear which Chipimo had died.

“There were certain irresponsible statements which were made on some radio stations  by some politicians without making a distinction on whether it was senior or junior Chipimo who had died,” Mr Chipimo Jnr Said.

He recalled a named politician who offered condolences on the death of Elias Chipimo without saying that it was in fact his father who had died.

“There were many things happening but we cannot take away the fact that our party takes responsibility for the results and that is why my focus has been to re-organise, do it from the base and build the party properly,” the opposition leader said.

“We can say to our supporters; it is up to you to decide, since we are not fielding presidential candidate, who you are going to support, But follow your conscious and follow what you believe would be the best decision for this country,” Mr Chipimo said. Mr Chipimo advised party supporters to support NAREP parliamentary candidates.

-Courtesy of Millennium Radio