Police right on planned Copperbelt street protests

I am in full support of the Zambia Police for having warned opposition FDD and the UPND of stern action if they went ahead to protest on the Copperbelt against the increase in electricity tariffs (Daily Nation, December 8, 2015).

I am convinced that it is time for the movers and shakers of this country’s energy sector to come to the defence of ZESCO’s cost reflective tariffs to cure perennial load-shedding and ensure that both local and foreign investors are attracted to invest in the energy sector.

It is indeed a shame that FDD and UPND are at the forefront of the so-called street protests against cost reflective tariffs, using partisan and arm-twisting methods to justify their onslaught on ZESCO, to the extent of even inciting people who have just been retrenched and made jobless on the mines due to load-shedding for which ZESCO’s cost reflective tariffs are necessary.

It is indeed time that FDD and UPND cadres, as Zambians, accepted that they were part and parcel of this power deficit the nation is experiencing and as such, they must be accommodative of the PF government’s austerity measures in the energy sector without resorting to street protests and intimidation against those in authority at ZESCO.

It is a troubling situation that calls for self-sacrifice by all Zambians to avert a conflagration on the Copperbelt in case PF cadres decide to come to the aid of ZESCO during the street protests.

As the saying goes, a hungry man is an angry man.  And the jobless

ex-miner, like all others, cannot live by political rhetoric alone.

Mubanga Luchembe,