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Great reporting Daily Nation


I take this opportunity to thank the  newspaper for publishing readers’ articles; of particular interest are the  articles you have published although they were aimed at you. The letter by ‘‘Concerned’’ published on Tuesday 8th December, 2015, made joyful reading. The fact  that the article was published despite the contents stating that the paper was  favouring Edgar Lungu and was against Sata was quite welcome.

Chiza Chirwa, Lusaka



Congrats, Mr Kakoma Kanganja


We congratulate you, Sir, for having been appointed IG of Police. My appeal to you is that you must not defy instructions from your minister. If he says no roadblocks, then let there be none.



K20 a day salary


Please can President Lungu and PF explain. Is this giving jobs to the youths?  I am working with the Chinese for K20.00 a day.  

Noah, Lusaka


 Owning car a crime


I have come to believe that owning a car in Zambia is a serious crime. You are harassed by the powers-that-be, especially RTSA. These guys should be scrutinized for the decampaigning our hard working PF government.  They irritate motorists at will to demonise PF.

B. Bwalya              



Nevers uninspiring


MMD Kapiri Mposhi district/constituency  executive committee is behind the calls for an extraordinary MMD convention as a means to redeem the party from total extinction due to lack of inspiration by Nevers Mumba.

Jim Phiri, district secretary,  John M. Kampambe.        




Mealie meal price


I want to request the Minister of  Agriculture to tell us which millers got maize from FRA and why the price of mealie meal is still high. I hope these millers won’t be giving excuses of first offloading the old stock while using the maize from FRA.

CP, Lusaka.           


 Political amateurs


We feel as if we are living in a land of orphans. There is a no difference between the late Hon Mwanza and Hon Kasonso of Solwezi West. One common thing  is they are both political amateurs. Voting on party name symbols is costing us in North-Western. I challenge Hon Kasonso to mention any project he has initiated. As long  as we vote on party names and not the ability of an individual, Kalumbila district shall not develop.

Kalituta Louis, Solwezi West, PF constituency chairperson


 E-voucher challenges need solution


Please sort out the shortcomings in the voucher system. The introduction of the E-voucher  system in  disbursing farming inputs to beneficiaries under FISP is a  good initiative. But currently some farmers who got the vouchers cannot access the inputs i.e. seeds and fertilizer because of the shortcomings being experienced in processing the E-vouchers. Now it’s getting late each day which passes without doing the planting and the lot involved. So the officers at all levels tasked to sort out the mess must work expeditiously. The ‘‘work as usual attitude’’ should not be tolerated.

DM Bwalya, Ndola


Accept failure


When our economy is doing badly, it is not PF’s  fault but when our economy improves it’s PF to praise. We should learn to accept failure and success.

Morris M.C. Kitwe.


 We need a school


Government should find money for the construction of Mpanshya Secondary School in Rufunsa district. The PF government should at least help in construction of the school as it does to schools in other areas.

Concerned citizen in Rufunsa