‘Attacks on Govt a futility’

Attacks on Government in order to sell Wynter Kabimba is simply a wild goose chase because he will never win next year’s elections, the Youth in Action for Sustainable Development (YASD) has charged.

Programmes manager Zebedy Lukwesa told the Daily Nation that the negative reports aimed at discrediting Government with a view to sell Mr. Kabimba to win the 2016 elections but that it was ‘‘an effort in futility’’ because it will not work.

Mr. Lukwesa said the youths in Zambia have been fooled enough and that they would never listen to politicians or some sections of society that promised them ‘‘heaven on earth’’ in order to win votes.

He said the country was in dire need of quality leadership which could never be found in the Rainbow party because it did not inspire the youths of Zambia.

“As YASD and on behalf of the youths in Zambia we are very disappointed by the Post newspaper in the manner they have continued attacking the Government which is elected by the Zambian people in order to push their agenda of selling Mr Kabimba.’’

He claimed the PF Government endured its worst ridicule when Mr. Kabimba was party secretary general because he was untouchable and did things as he wanted and never allowed other people to be part of the decision-making process.

He said those scandalising Government should realise that leaders were given by God and that no matter their continued attacks on those entrusted with power their wishes will never be granted.

He said people’s expectations were high as the country drew closer to the 2016 general elections but said the PF Government was poised to perform better than other political parties because it had done better in less than five years that it had been in power.

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