Ex-DC denies insulting Lungu

 FORMER Lusaka district commissioner Ashwell  Kampengele has told the Lusaka Magistrates Court that he did not insult President Edgar Lungu with whom he has a good relationship.

Kampengele, 53, of  Lusaka West 18 Villa, now a peasant farmer,  said this in court when he was defending himself  in a matter were  he was accused of using abusive language and insulting the President. Kampengele told Magistrate Lameck Mwale that it was so unfortunate that people could come up with  allegations that he insulted the President as he was in a very good relationship with President Lungu, State House officials and other Government officials.

He said he could not understand how he could have insulted President Lungu nor any Goverment official as if he was fired when his three-year  contract as  district commisioner for Lusaka  had come to an end as it was valid from  February 6, 2012 to February 6, 2015.

Kampengele said after his contract clocked three years he went to Lusaka Province adminstartion office in company of a former DC for Chirundu Mr Shamalimba on February 8 to ask for his money for repatriation and leave days.

As they were going into some office, he met three men he did not know but one of the men he came to know as Rainford Sakala introduced Kampengele to his friends, saying: “This is Mr Kampengele the man who has fought hard for the party (Patriotic Front) PF during campaingns. ”

Kampengele said the man added that Kampengele even became mad during the campaigns. After hearing what Sakala said against him he got annoyed and asked him to reapeat what he had said.

But upon seeing that Kampengele was annoyed the man said sorry three times and he decided to let him go. Kampengele stated  that after finalizing his business he left the building and while he was outside he heard someone  calling him from a Pajero which was parked outside.

He said the man shouted “Iwe, Kampengele, ulishani ?”  translated in english as ‘‘You Kampengele, how are you?”.

He then realized that the man was Davison Mulenga the man who took over his position as DC after his contract came to an end.

Kampengele said he went and met Mr Mulenga at his vehicle and Mr Mulenga told him that he should visit him at the DC’s office as they had a lot of issues to talk about. He agreed to visit Mr Mulenga at his office and got his mobile number.

While talking to Mr Mulenga, Mr Sakala the man he had almost fought with ealier came out of the building and Kampegele asked Mr Mulenga who the man  (Sakala) was and Mr Mulenga told him that Sakala was a spy and he was the one taking lies to State House.

He said after a week he received a call from Kabwata police post were he was  interrogated and ended up in police cells.

The matter was adjourned to January 14 for continuation of defence.