Farmers told not to plant

THE Metrological Department has advised farmers is some parts of Zambia not to plant any crops until the rains have normalized.

Department principal meteorologist Mufunte Mukelabai warned that some parts of the country would experience dryness, hence it would not be prudent to  plant any crops.

The partial drought was being experienced in Lusaka, Central and parts of Eastern and Southern provinces.

Mr Mukelabai said Zambia was suffering from serious effects of climate change, occasioned in part by El Nino weather patterns.

He also attributed the situation to bad worldwide practices that had depleted the ozone layer.

He said Zambia was not excluded from the effects of changing weather patterns.

Climate change, which had manifested itself in changing rainfall patterns and higher temperatures, was posing a threat to farming communities in Zambia.

Mr  Mukelabai however advised farmers elsewhere to take advantage of the wet period to plant their crops.

“Lusaka and south of Eastern province  will continue to receive normal rainfall while Southern Province will be the most affected and will receive below normal rainfall.’’