Leakages of Govt documents disturbing

The war of words between President Lungu’s aide Lucky Mulusa and Home affairs permanent secretary Dr Mulenga Chileshe as reported in the Press made interesting reading.

But that is not my issue of discussion. The matter that has troubled me most out of that story is the level of leakages of confidential documents to the press from Government offices.

Obviously it is the work of the cartel which has planted its tentacles almost everywhere including the toilets.

There is no doubt the traitors are many even at State House who for a few pennies they will do anything.

I strongly feel that it is time President Lungu to cleansed his Government institutions, including State House of these useless individuals and the sooner the better.

It is most likely that the situation will be worse next year, ahead of the crucial 2016 general elections when these good-for-nothing individuals will be all out to make money for themselves by selling confidential Government documents to the cartel.

The President should quickly put in place measures to halt the rot which is threatening Government operations.

They say a stitch in time saves nine.

David Andrew Mumba