Scott is politically tired, finished

Allow me to say something about Dr Guy Scott’s remarks regarding his knockback to ask for forgiveness for those pejorative remarks he made against President Lungu just for his love of whisky.

It is archetypal of Scott. He is ever supercilious and I know for sure that the only man he respected was late Michael Sata. The rest to him are nonentities.

Well, in the first place nobody asked him to apologise because asking him to do so would be a sheer waste of time knowing the type of a man he is.

PF only asked him to confirm his story to the Post which he has done without a smidgen of infamy. To be frank, I have a strong feeling that the man left PF the day Sata died and this is more the reason why he really does not care what happens to the party even if it meant losing his parliamentary seat. If the strengthening of the Kwacha meant cheaper whisky for him, so be it because we all know that he loves that drink.

Let it be well-known today that if there are some Zambians out there who think that Scott cares about this country, you are wasting your time.

He is here primarily to farm and make money for himself which he is doing. The rest is history.

My best advice to the PF is that it should totally ignore the old man and let him enjoy free publicity in the Post because he knows elsewhere he would not be entertained for the same reason he has chosen to deal with the Post.

I think he is tired and politically finished.

Jay Kabemba