ZABS tips East business community

ALL food processors and other manufacturers in Eastern Province should access and make full use of Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) mobile testing laboratory equipment currently at its offices in Chipata, says head of public relations and marketing Hazel Zulu.

Ms Zulu said the mobile testing laboratory which was procured with help from United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) had been operational in the province since October this year.

She explained that the mobile testing laboratory was able to test and analyse various foodstuffs ranging from bottled water, borehole water, fruit flavoured drinks, peanut butter, cooking oil, mealie meal and opaque beer for their suitability and conformity to the law.

“Since October to date, about 20 food samples have been submitted to ZABS for testing and analysis.

“The bureau is in the province to conduct an awareness marketing road shows from 0900 hours to 1700 hours at the Barclays Park grounds in the town centre,” she said.

Ms Zulu urged food processors, manufacturers and individuals alike to make use of the laboratory testing services so that they could be sure of the quality of products they were putting on the market.

She said ensuring that quality products were on the market would protect the health and safety of the consumers and also promote social economic development.

“The mobile testing laboratory has also helped industry in the province to access test results in real time as they do not have to wait for samples to be sent to Lusaka as was the case before,” she said.

Meanwhile, Ms Zulu further urged consumers and food processors in Chipata to be quality conscious and shun substandard products to safeguard their health and safety.

She explained that the road show was aimed at alerting consumers, food processors, traders, retailers and all other stakeholders about the dangers of buying and selling substandard products.

Ms Zulu said ZABS particularly chose Chipata because of its strategic location as a border town and the increase in levels of economic activity that was taking place especially with the increasing number of food processors in the provincial capital.

She said the bureau was currently working with over 30 food processors in the district to help them produce good quality products that could even penetrate international markets.