Africa needs leaders like Edgar

Taking after a great leader like the late Michael Sata is not easy.

But one of the leadership attributes President Edgar Lungu has carried on is humility.

A few days ago President Lungu was here in Mkushi. Now, Mkushi does not have any five-star hotel accommodation befitting a head of State.

Even so, President Lungu humbled himself and spent nights in this rural district. He followed the Bemba adage: ‘Umweni wa kolwe, alya ifyo kolwe alya.’

He also flew to Luano district for a series of meetings. Even with three helicopters at his disposal, President Lungu opted to travel the return journey by road; a distance of over hundred kilometres.

Many leaders of his status would have avoided the insecurity, the dust and potholes reminiscent of gravel roads.

And whenever meeting the various welcoming parties, President Lungu always endeavoured to greet children who in most cases were not placed in the President’s vicinity.

Africa needs more leaders like him: humble and down to earth.



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  1. President Lungu walks with Pope Frances who recently visited Kenya where the Catholic clergy drive gas guzzlers and live in palatial mansion. The pope cooks his meals, rides in a small car and declined to reside in the palatial papal palace at the Vatican.

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