Do Catholic Bishops have a superior God

I am forced to write this letter because of the arrogance and unbecoming conduct of Catholic bishops who have over the years decided to take positions that are contrary to national desires.

Why do the bishops think that they pray to a more superior God than other people?

When second Republican President declared Zambia a Christian Nation, they were among the first to denounce the declaration, declaring that Zambia was not a theocracy and that a lay president could not dabble in religion.

Here is a man who tried to associate this country to the goodness, wholesomeness and spiritual purity of the Almighty and all the bishops could see was the person making the pronouncement rather that the meaning of the same.

They did not even bother to read the Bible to learn of precedencies where Kings have led churches and have done great things in some cases to improve the wellbeing of the people by promoting Gospel values.

The modern Bible itself was translated into English on orders of King James for example. He did it because he could master the resources to pay for the job.

There is also an amount of hypocrisy in the manner the Catholic Bishops want to present themselves. While they want to exclude non-religious from matters they consider to be religious, they are not ashamed to get involved and make statements on matters political.

They are ready to write pastoral letters on matters that go far beyond the realm of religion, if anything they deal with political matters.

Consistency would demand that they keep away from commenting on political matters and deal instead with spiritual matters. However we know that this is not possible because man is made up of two spheres, the spiritual and material as Reverend Pukuta Mwaza said in the television interview last Sunday.

Zambians are very prayerful people and will associate with people who are equally prayerful regardless of denomination because they realise that God is bigger and more embracing than religion itself.

The issue of the Tabernacle must be seriously thought through by the Catholic church because there is need for their input to make the project complete.

All religions in Zambia must have an input so that no room is left for any dangerous influence infiltrating in the sacred space of worship.

I appeal to the Biushops to climb down from  their theocratic thrones and  come among ordinary Christians to embrace the love, warmth and comfort that Christians must  find from each other.

Kenneth Mwenda.