PF means business, says Chikwanda

 THE Patriotic Front Government means business and is determined to develop Zambia, Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda declared in Parliament yesterday.

He also said the party had a selleable candidate in President Edgar Lungu who was humble and naturally loved by Zambians.

Closing the 2016 national Budget debate in a hard-hitting speech, Mr Chikwanda said the PF Government would never drive the country into a debt trap again as what happened in the past.

Mr Chikwanda said the money which Government has borrowed was meant to finance developmental projects across the country.

He said he was aware that ‘‘poorly planned’’ borrowing could lead the nation into a debt trap.

Mr Chikwanda, who thanked all Members of Parliament for their contributions, assured Parliament that he would ensure that MPs’ contributions were incorporated in the expenditure of the national Budget. He explained that he was aware that unplanned borrowing could lead the nation into a debt trap.

All the money being borrowed by the PF Government were meant for development unlike the past governments who borrowed ‘‘to chew’’ the resources.

He said Zambia’s current Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was in line with the debt which the country has, both domestically and internationally.

Mr Chikwanda said Government had already started paying back the loans, adding that it was actually reducing. He also thanked President Edgar Lungu for his austerity measures on cutting down expenditure. Mr Chikwanda cited President Lungu’s recent measures of cutting down on international trips and unnecessary spending as part of his grand plan to curb expenditure.

“Mr Chairman, the PF Government means business,” he told a lively House, reiterating that the party was determined to develop the nation as it was led by a determined man. “…Not like a known party whose leader is not even selleable,” Mr Chikwanda added.

The PF had a presidential candidate who was naturally liked by Zambians, he said, as exhuberant PF MPs agreed in  unison.

He said President Lungu was truly humble and naturally appealing,  adding that it was easy to sell him unlike other party presidents.