A medical doctor rescued a 6 years old girl swallowed by a python

She was very lucky after the snake was operated at the hospital on time the girl  was still alive.

This incident happened as the little girl of six was on her way home from school , the mother of the girl failed to pick her up from school on time as usual, nobody knows where the mother went to.

The village of Santa is a very calm area with plenty of forest with many animals living in the area , More-so with the dispersed populated area , children have to cover a distance of about 2 kilometers and above passing via the grassland area that is very conducive for carnivorous animals that find the rodents and other herbivores as good game .

This village of Ballito in the kwazulu natal  grass land is well known for various varieties of wild animals and tropical snakes that are most often life threatening.

Evidently, it is difficult to find a snake specie that can engulf a grown up , but most species like the pythons can make a meal out of goats small mammals and even children .

It is reported by the regional news paper that the area is not densely populated and not save as a place to be alone.

It is warned that parents as the keeper of Children should always put the interest of the young children ahead .

Nobody knows exactly how this giant reptile swallowed the little girl , the first person on the scene saw a very large python with a swallow stomach and a child’s sandals and school bag beside the road , panicking , he presumed that the child might still be alive in the snakes stomach , inspired by the story of Jonas in the stomach of a Fish .

He raised the alarm and other villagers rushed to the scene , the snake was apprehended and carried to the local health center .

The operation was successful and the little girl came out alive. -AMIGOTIME 24