Behaviour of UNZA students appalling

UNZA students at the Lusaka campus must grow up and stop damaging property of citizens who have nothing to do with their problems.

What is education doing to these people? Whenever they are grieved with government it is the innocent people that suffer the consequences through their primitive riots which belong to ancient times.

Why they are stiff scared to stone the ministry of education which is allegedly torturing them?

And in this case they should have gone to burn ZESCO offices for load shedding instead of destroying that Mercedes Benz car whose owner had nothing to do with outages at the campus. In fact that person was going through the same situation.

That blackout affected nearly the entire country, but did the citizens go out like mad men to stone passing vehicles? No, because they are too civilized to sink that low.

Instead of marching on the Great East Road and shamefully start throwing stones and other missiles at innocent people is not only unfair but totally injudicious.

It does not show any signs of people who are at the highest institute of learning who are supposed to behave as such.

Even call-boys at most bus stations in Lusaka in my view, are well behaved compared to our graduates in the making at UNZA.

Michael C. Mwape