Catholics must be on tabernacle board

The National interdenominational tabernacle must be supported by all churches to ensure that it is representative of all religions. That is why the    conduct of the Roman Catholic Church through the Zambia Episcopal Conference (ZEC) is very  annoying, it is telling of the conservative and blinkered attitude of Zambian church leaders.

While Pope Francis could pray in a Mosque in West Africa the Bishops here are busy haranguing and harassing a priest who has done so much to bring peace and understanding among communities.

Fr. Charles Chilinda of St Ignatius is one of the most open and courageous Priests to hase spoken out on some very difficult issues, he has been at the fore front of spearheading dialogue in times when others preferred to keep quite.

I was therefore not surprised that his name came up for the board of the new interdenominational tabernacle.

The Catholic Church must use this occasion to provide spiritual support and guidance to this very important national project.

The absence of the Catholic church on account of “difficult” bishops will be a disservice to the whole membership as many Catholics will be participating in national events at the tabernacle.

It is better Fr. Chilinda attends the board so that he can bring to the table the teachings of the Catholic church which should be incorporated to make the project rally complete and comprehensive.

Staying away is not the answer.

m. b. z.