Kabwe Warriors have a mountain to climb in MTN/FAZ premier league

To be honest, Kabwe warriors always receive amazing and charismatic support from fans. They get even more fired up when the team is at Godfrey Chitalu stadium.

 It is nice to have a strong support as every team wants a strong crowd behind them. There has not been any game where warriors have lacked support.

These supporters travel with the team around the country. You will find supporters at the hotel to greet the players before heading to the stadium. After games, supporters go to warrior’s bus to wish the team safe travels, and always show love, irrespective of the results.

The coming back to MTN/FAZ premier league is not a true reflection of the game at warriors. Warriors are not yet a formidable side whose standards are worth praising.

The team must set up standards for them to survive otherwise their future in Mtn premier league is bleak. The team must aim at raising the bar and always strive to do better than before.

And young players must extremely be focused and lessen beer drinking. These lads at warriors have off field bad behavior and must be guided to focus on football. Lots do not save money and use it on drinking and womansing. Five years down the line, these players do not know where they will be as football is very cruel. Every season is tough, so warriors must work hard and listen to what a coach wants them to do. The expectation from the technical team, management and supporters are high and we need you win a trophy next season.

Go back to the drawing board and start winning trophies. We need you to adapt the mentality and bring back the culture of winning trophies.

Kabwe warriors have also a setback, the testing effect is the “hot heads” fans that are behind the team as we all know they can be ruthless and impatient when odds are against their team.

Warriors always make unnecessary changes due to pressure from supporters who think they know much. This pressure from supporter’s disadvantages concentration as the coach starts to reshuffle the players.

Playing at Kabwe warriors one finds a totally different type of pressure. Yes, there is pressure as it is a great honor to be at one of the top clubs in Zambia.

To fit in well at warriors, a player must have faith in his ability and mental strength. A player must make sure that he is on top of his game all the time.

Lastly, management at warriors must definitely under all circumstances carry over 51 percent of blame which had cost the club demoted to first division last season and such a repeat should not happen.I believe that if everybody from management pulls together to address all problems at the club, things will be much better next season.

If the club has lots of accusations from inside and outside, that causes an unstable environment for anyone to perform and that is the biggest problems at warriors for now.

As long as people will see a divided house, it also affects sponsors, subsequently the Micheal Chirwa led executive performs dismally.

Dominic Muntanga