South Chief campaigns for Lungu

CHIEF Sinazongwe of the Tonga people has proposed that the Bottom Road which is currently being tarred should be named after President Edgar Lungu for having been the only sitting Head of State to have fulfilled the pledge of tarring the road since independence.

The Bottom Road had since independence been a political campaign slogan for successive governmenst but the road is now being worked on barely months after President Lungu was elected in January this year.

Chief Sinazongwe said the people of Southern Province could only thank President Lungu by renaming the Bottom Road after his name for having answered the call of the people of the Gwembe Valley to have the road tarred to ease communication.

He said this yesterday in Sinazongwe at the burial of Aaron Simazila Siamunene, the father of Defence Minister Richwell Siamunene.

The traditional leader said President Lungu was the first sitting Head of State to have listened and answered the people of the valley to have the Bottom Road tarred.

“You are the first sitting President to have answered the people of the valley to have the Bottom Road tarred. There had been presidents before you and we have had successive governments who had pledged to work on the Bottom Road but it had been nothing but political sloganeering. But we are happy that under your leadership, the road is now being worked on and we can only thank you by renaming the road to Edgar Lungu Road,” Chief Sinazongwe said.

He said he was happy that President Lungu had appointed Mr Siamunene as Defence Minister, being the first Tonga to have held a senior Cabinet position in a long time.

And President Lungu has said he would continue preaching the One Zambia One Nation slogan because he believed Zambians were one people irrespective of their tribes.

President Lungu said he would always look to God when faced with difficulties because it was only through the creator that he would be able to unite and govern the country.

The President said death was a mystery that was difficult to understand and that as humans, the more they attempted to understand death, the more they got confused.

“It is difficult to find words at a time like this and if there is one thing that should unite us, it should be faith. Death is a uniting factor and we have to call on each other in times of sorrow. Looking to God in times of difficulties is not a weakness and as a politician, I look to God in times if difficulties,” President Lungu said.