Today’s text messages

HH, Nawakwi stay out of Copperbelt


Copperbelt residents should  not be provoked further by planned protests by HH and Nawakwi over hiked electricity tariffs. Copperbelt residents are  what they are today because of what these two people did to the  miners. Shame on them. In place of apologies to miners for what they caused (HH and Nawakwi) , decide to go and fool them.

Lawrence Tembo, Lusaka.



UPND party for all Zambians


I don’t think the UPND is panicking over 2016. UPND is just making sure that  everything is in place and  everyone should be satisfied with the results next year without pointing fingers at each other like before. For all  those that are saying UPND is a regional party I think you are living in the past; UPND is a  party of all ethnic tribes, a party for all Zambians and a party that is more than ready to change lives of the many Zambians.

Mweemba Simuliampondo, Lusaka


New Police IG should

be professional


We hope the new IG will be professional in his duties. Libongani was a letdown and worst IG Zambia had so far, surprising, the only people who worked professionally are those under Mwanawasa era. Libongani will be remembered for favouring the ruling PF.

BVM, Lusaka.




Youth MPS will do


Just appealing to my fellow youths to tell them to support fellow  youths who will contest in next year’s general elections so that we do away with Kaunda era MPs. We want them to rest. The reason why I am saying so is because if we have young MPs, they can concentrate on the issues and problems affecting us as youths.

Ackson Ngoma, Lusaka.


UPND/Grand Coalition alliance a flop 


I commend National Assembly for supporting the two constitutional bills. This has clearly shown that the alliance between UPND and Grand Coalition won’t succeed because the PF has formed a greater pact with the Zambian people. The question I have for them is: Who elected, appointed them as Grand Coalition? Let them stop pretending that they are a coalition.

Marvin Chanda Mberi, Lusaka


HH wasting time with Anglo American


Hakainde Hichilema should stop talking about Anglo American. President Lungu is doing his best to safe guard jobs in the mines on the Copperbelt. One should understand the happenings at Mopani which is in serious financial crisis. Learn to appreciate efforts of others ba HH.

Humprey  Lengwe, Kitwe.



Unruly PF cadres takeover paved lane near Simoson building


Keep it up for speaking for the voiceless. Its hurts me so much to see how LCC spent a lot of money to put pavers on Simon Mwewa lane between Somoson building and Chibolya Basic School. The PF cadres took over  the paves space which should have gone to street vendros. The cadres charge  K5 per car’s parking slot. They harass, insult and over charge innocent members of public. If you park for more than  30 minutes, they don’t even issue any receipt. LCC are  helpless.

Shem Mushitu, Lusaka


‘Boma ni Boma’


The warning by President Edgar Lungu to the new IG that the police should not be partisan in their discharge of their duties should be looked at both sides of the coin. The police should not be blamed on the public order Act (POA). The problem lies with the opposition political parties themselves because some of them want to behave as if they are the ruling political party. No wonder their leader is on  record of having said that “he controls the OP”. They must distinguish or ought to know what it means to be a ruling political party and an opposition political party because even a  child will tell you that  “BOMA NI BOMA”. It’s not a secret that police and all other armed  forces loyalty is to the government of the day.  

DC, Lusaka