‘Vulnerable people need service organisations’

THERE is need for service organisations to grow their capacity to care and adequately serve the vulnerable people who cannot access healthcare and other basic life necessities, says Lions Club of Mulungushi president Kenneth Chimese.

He said the world had reached a crucial moment where the vulnerable have become more visible in huge number that cannot be ignored.

Mr Chimese said it was becoming more and more inevitable for people to come together and join hands in providing for the growing needy in society.

He was speaking during a Lions women’s luncheon organised to raise awareness on the growing need for institutions of service to provide for the vulnerable.

“The luncheon is principally to remind ourselves to the need for service clubs to grow their capacity for service. In this crucial time where everywhere we turn our eyes, we see someone who is vulnerable either because they are ill and have no access to healthcare or there is no one to provide such health services, it is what we do and not what we say that makes us who we are,” Mr Chimese said.

He explained that the Lions Club of Mulungushi had partnered with the Radio Phoenix Help Line to donate eight wheel chairs to a number of people.

Mr Chimese said Mulungushi Club was one of the 52 Lions clubs dotted around Zambia providing different support services to the needy in society including healthcare service and facilities.

He said it was for this reason that the club selected to donate its luncheon proceeds to the Chawama Mini Hospital staff and community as a way of sharing the care burden. And Guest of honour and honorary consular general from Poland, Maryla Wisnieski said to be charitable was commendable everywhere in order to better the living standards of the people who were unable to provide for themselves. Dr Wisnieski said support towards health and education in any society was necessary to raise the standards of living for the vulnerable.

“What has happened here is unrepeated, to witness the life changing experience that the Lions Club of Mulungushi was doing to the beneficiaries of these donations.

“Charity is very important as those who are better off should look after those who are less privileged in our communities,” she said. Lions Club of Mulungushi partnered with Radio Pheonicx Help Line to donate wheelchairs to the vulnerable including disabled children, some adults and the aged.