ZRA is only after its money from the Post

First of all, please Daily Nation keep up the good work you are doing in journalism. You are the only paper in Zambia which balances news, much to the satisfaction of us readers.

Today I want to comment on the Post main story in which they are claiming that ZRA is harassing the newspaper.

Far from that; ZRA is only after its money which it wants to collect on behalf of Zambians.

For me, I think time for the Post to go to its grave has almost come. They may delay the process, but its doomsday is certainly all over the wall.

The Post may indeed hide from the sun for the time being, but they cannot kill the sun. The day of reckoning cannot be stopped and this the newspaper knows just too well.

What the newspaper is going through is what someone may call labour pains and the Post has deliver its baby at some stage- the closure. In Eastern Province where I hail from there is an adage which goes “Ka Ng’oma kobilikila sikadiza ku booka”- meaning a famous drum does not last long. So it will be with the ‘famous’ Post.

The truth of the matter is that the tabloid may manage to buy time but what happens when time catches up, will be a paining truth and its end.

The newspaper can only manage to escape its death if it pays all its debts as demanded by ZRA. Nothing else will help it come out of its current financial anguish.

Lemekani Daka

Bauleni, Lusaka.