Crooks still stalking Lungu-ZRP

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu must be careful because the same crooks that held presidents Levy Mwanawasa and Michael Sata hostage are still flexing their muscles as they have infiltrated the vital governance system for their own benefit, Zambia Republican Party (ZRP) president Wright Musoma has observed.

Mr. Musoma said the battle against the cartel was far from over as the group had continued to reposition itself to pounce on Government to ensure that its influence spreads into most strategic State wings.

He said things were likely to get worse as the country went to the polls next year because the cartel was against the current administration and would stop at nothing in its quest to compromise operations through its smear campaign, waged through electronic tapping and leakage of sensitive Government documents.

Mr Musoma said President Lungu should not relax and think that things were “okay” because the cartel was using  people  close to him to propagate its agenda just like it did with the former presidents whose administrations they hijacked by planting people to run the affairs of government.

“The crooks who hijacked President Levy Mwanawasa in order to fraudulently get billions of loans from him and have their companies evade paying tax to ZRA are known.

“The crooks who got millions of USA dollars at the pretext of remitting it to National Airports and the thieves who sent people to prison who got less than $20,000 from Zamtroop account while themselves got more than K50,000 from the same account are known and these are the people who should not be taken lightly because they are capable of causing bizarre things which Government will not be able to cope with,” Mr. Musoma said.

He said the cartel was a bunch of shameless individuals who were obsessed with blackmailing Government in order to conduct business in a crooked manner by using underhand methods to gain favours, elude punishment and fix their perceived enemies.

He said the cartel did not have any morals and could change its course of action at any given time especially given an environment that suited its aspirations.

“We all know that the cartel wants President Lungu to succumb and invite them to join him like in the case of Mr. Sata and Mr. Mwanawasa and if this group is invited to work with Government, they will start singing praises for him, forgetting even the names and the slander they are piling on him.

“So we just urge the President to ignore cheap and foolish gimmicks they are using to tarnish his image and do the right thing for mother Zambia without fear. We also urge all our people not to buy into lies of these people, but remain resolute,” he said.