FAWEZA in virgin award poser

A 32-years-old secondary virgin Diana Mbewe has called on Forum for African Women Educationalists of Zambia (FAWEZA) to award her for abstaining from sex for 10 years.

Asked on how she managed to abstain from sex for that long, Ms. Mbewe said she disciplined herself and lived on the biblical principle of no sex before marriage.

She advised young girls, especially those who were still at school, not to engage in sexual activities, but rather concentrate on school and their career ambitions.

“It is very possible to abstain from sex; I just encourage young girls not to have sex before marriage.

‘‘One thing that has really helped me is that each time my body gets funny, I just bath cold water and it has worked,” she said.

Ms. Mbewe told the Daily Nation that in the early 2000s, FAWEZA had embarked on a sensitization programme called “Virgin power, virgin pride” aimed at promoting abstinence among school girls.

She said in 2003, the organisation visited her school (then) Petauke Boarding School in Eastern Province and promised to award girls who would abstain from sex for 10 years.

“The organization went round schools in the country, sensitizing young girls on abstinence. They came to our school, by then I was in Grade 8 at Petauke Boarding School and they told us that those who would not have sex would be awarded and recognised,” Ms. Mbewe said.

She stated that for over 10years she had not had sex and FAWEZA had not awarded her as promised.

Ms. Mbewe disclosed that on a couple of occasions, she had visited FAWEZA head office in Lusaka to claim her award, but to no avail.

“I have kept myself and abstained from sex, but up to now FAWEZA has not awarded me as promised. I have been to their offices in Lusaka but nothing has been done, all they say is that the programme ended a long time ago, yet they promised us and I lived to that promise,” she said.

Ms. Mbewe urged FAWEZA to fulfil its promise by awarding her for the achievement.

She said it was not easy for one to abstain from sex, saying that most of the girls whom she started the race with gave up along the way.

“It can only be fair if FAWEZA gives me that award because most of my friends I started this with gave up, some are even married with children, so it’s not easy,” she said.