Lusaka ‘most vulnerable’ to water-borne diseases

Lusaka residents should be hygienic during the rainy season to prevent waterborne disease outbreaks, Lusaka Provincial medical officer Kennedy Malama has advised.

Dr Malama said Lusaka Province was susceptible cases of cholera, dysentery and diarrhoea.

He urged residents, especially those in flood-prone areas to ensure a clean environment and endeavour to clear debris and stagnant water from their neighbourhoods.

“The rainy season comes with a lot of diseases such as cholera, diarrhoea and dysentery; Lusaka residents especially those in flood-prone areas should take precautionary measures against such diseases,” Dr. Malama said.

He also urged residents to always observe the simple health instruction of washing their hands with soap after using the toilet and before handling food or any other edible products.

Dr. Malama said it was the responsibility of every Zambian not only in Lusaka but also everywhere to take such precautionary measures and ensure that the country stayed free from waterborne-related diseases during the rainy seasons. “They should always wash their hands with soap after using toilets and before handling food, as well as safe preparation and conservation of food or eating; make sure you wash fruits and vegetables well before eating them; and cook food thoroughly and eat it while it is still hot.

They are the simplest instructions to prevent diseases that come with the rainy season. So it is the responsibility of every Zambian to prevent waterborne disease outbreaks,” he said.