Nevers demands MMD councillors’ loyalty

MMD councillors on the Copperbelt must not stand on any other party’s ticket in the 2016 general elections, but remain loyal and support the former ruling party because it is set to bounce back in next year’s elections, MMD president Nevers Mumba has pleaded.

Dr Mumba advised councillors to reject any attempts by some political parties to poach them from the MMD and adopt them on their ticket because some groupings had no future and would only destroy their political careers.

He said this at Jubilee Lodge in Kitwe in the Show ground when he addressed MMD councillors on the Copperbelt.

Dr Mumba, who two weeks ago held another meeting with district and constituency officials at the same venue, was this time accompanied by MMD national secretary Mwansa Mbulakulima and party national treasurer Elizabeth Chitika-Molobeka and others.

“As a preacher since I was 17 years old, I have discovered that if you speak to somebody with a calm heart, he or she will be able to listen. I want to speak to you from the bottom of my heart. This is a critical moment. The idea to meet you comes from you the councillors yourselves.

“Next year, we will have a major election and MMD is not going to lose again. You councillors, you are so significant and dangerous because most of you, you won elections when MMD had become unpopular.

‘‘So am urging you not to go to other parties, but remain loyal to MMD and help it win next year’s elections,” he said.

Dr Mumba urged councillors not to have one leg in the MMD, the other leg in PF or UPND, but to have both legs in the former ruling party so that they could be part of the winning team after the 2016 general elections.

He said those who have one leg in MMD and the other in different political parties should make a decision because a double-minded person was unlikely to achieve anything.