Amazing Dr Nevers Mumba

It’s so saddening to see the passion, vigour and excitement with which fellow Zambians in the opposition UPND have been toasting and celebrating the loss of jobs by Copper Mine Workers.

The men and women now seem to be so assured that come 2016, HH will rule not just one region, but all ten regions of Zambia.

Beer and goat meat have been flowing freely. To say the truth, these people are heartless. You just wonder what else they can do to have HH get into state house?

Sadly, even Dr Nevers Mumba a well-known Christian has jumped on the bandwagon. But for him, it is all about settling scores with the PF for some obvious reasons.

Bembas would call it “ukufilila mu nsenga” because to be honest, Dr Mumba knows he is as far away from the 2016 battle field as Zambia is from the Syrian bombings.

Yes, micro economics may have not favoured the PF. But surely at Macro level, PF has been the best performer Zambia has seen since 1964.

Let Dr Mumba go back to his Bulimbo village in Chinsali and see the schools, colleges, universities, clinics, hospital, roads, bridges, new houses etc.

Is this what he means when he says President Lungu has run down Zambia? Surely, is this the reason why Mumba would want “ukufilila mu nsenga” with President Lungu or its just that he is dying to see his man HH get into state house?

God protect Lungu.

Mukuka Chilufya