CBTA asked to address small-scale traders challenges


THE Cross Border Traders Association (CBTA) has been called upon to address challenges of  local small-scale traders so that it meets state of belonging to COMESA and other associations.

Small business enterprises representative Lee Musonda said cross border traders should be supported because of their contribution to the country’s development.

He said there was need to provide a unified means of addressing the challenges of small-scale traders locally to enable them operate in an enabling environment that would improve their well-being.

Mr Musonda said though CBTA was trying its best to achieve its mission to raise the standards of living and improve the well-being of its members through representation and provision of services, it was important to consider challenges faced by small-scale traders.

He said innovative skills that were initiated to promote traders should benefit everyone, adding that cross border trading was a development tool and a source of income. Mr Musonda said if more traders had access to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) fund it would help the business sector grow rapidly.

He said cross border traders were one of the business people who identified markets, found supplies and established a trade route to better the livelihood of the majority.

He said the business community at Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) bemoaned the cost of conducting business, and that the relevant authority should intervene.