Don’t isolate Southern Province.

I was so happy to read the lead article about PF secretary general Davies Chama – ‘I didn’t insult Tongas’ (Sunday Nation, December 13, 2015).

It is time the ruling party seriously thought about Southern Province because isolating it won’t solve any problems.

Incidentally, the PF secretary general had in the last few months attracted the wrath of the Southern Province over allegations of having disparaged the Tonga speaking people.

As a consequence, Tongaland might have thought of declaring itself a PF no-go-area but the reality was we, well-meaning Zambians would never have recognized that. We simply wouldn’t  have wanted to create tribal hide-outs for politicians who thrive on ethnicity.

Thanks to the PF secretary general for highlighting this issue as it is hardly ever told truthfully by his political opponents whose accusations were aimed at scandalizing him to gain political mileage in the region.

The questions begging answers are: Unlike the PF secretary general who’s spoken the truth, who are these political opponents who must be named and shamed, where are the educated intelligentsia and the masses who claimed that Davies Chama insulted the people of Southern Province;  where is the evidence for the alleged abusive relationship between the PF administration and Tongas that retards Tongaland’s march to modernization and economic development;  and has Southern Province been duped by the present UPND leadership into believing that the region’s been neglected by the PF administration?

Common sense suggests that UPND’s bigotry and blame game is one-sided and PF grassroots leaders in Southern Province must fight this abusive relationship against ethnic political tactics for their very survival, by any means humanly necessary and possible.

Probably, community engagement at the grassroots level would yield PF’s desired mobilization outcomes in the region. The destiny of

Southern Province would truly be in the hands of PF leaders at that level and the ruling party’s popularity would be enhanced.

Mubanga Luchembe,