Doom sayers carperted

ZAMBIANS speaking ill of the economic situation in the country do not mean well and are worsening the situation when things are supposed to improve, says Action Governance Forum executive director Justin Mushoke.

He said it was embarrasing that Zambians were in the forefront of disparaging their own country when other countries had their own challenges.

Mr Mushoke said talking ill of Zambia’s economy would not provide solutions but worsen the situation, whereby even those who wanted to invest in the country would be reluctant.

He asked Zambins to be cautious whenever they were dealing with issues of national intersts.

“Sometimes we are the ones as Zambians who are worsening the situation, forgetting that the challenges that might affect the country will affect all of us, so it is prudent that we protect the integrity of our country,” Mr Mushoke said.

He said there was hope that the economy would be on course, adding that both implementors and advisors should work together for the common goal.

Mr Mushoke said President Edgar Lungu was head of State for all Zambians, and therefore expected help from each and every citizen.

He said criticising  without offering solutions had adversely affected the govervance of the country.

“Let us critisize the Government where they go wrong but we should as well do so by giving them directions through solutions because it is not Zambia for the President alone but everyone is affected,” he said.