On Jervis Zimba (former ZNFU president) ranting

My heartfelt advice to Mr Jervis Zimba, former ZNFU president is first to tame his tongue. He should not start to speak like a politician.

For starters, for him to state that the PF government is treating farmers like idiots is not only cheap but can also pass for blasphemy.

Mr Zimba, who very few Zambians know, may have been a hero in ZNFU but he is certainly not to some of us.

It is not true that the PF Government is treating farmers like fools because Government knows just too well that farmers are the big backbones of the economy.

In any case, there are no fast rules forcing Government to consult each time it wanted to do something.

As for the issue of power, our Energy Regulation Board (ERB) invited comments from members of public including organisations before the tariffs were increased. So where does this leave Mr Zimba?

For your sake Mr Zimba it is not only farmers who have been affected by the new tariffs but all Zambians and would it be fair to suggest that the Government is treating its citizens as idiots? I don’t think so. Instead of pointing an accusing finger at Government, I wish to know just what value did he bring to Zambians through the ZNFU when he was in charge of the farmers organisation? Sorry Mr Zimba you are not my man and I will not take your comments seriously because they are falsehoods.

Joseph Bwalya