ACC must interview us – local publishers

ZAMBIAN publishers are still waiting for the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to contact them in their investigation concerning the Ministry of Education’s alleged bias in awarding text books tenders.

The local publishers are also interested to know the outcome of the ongoing investigations at the ministry, following their complaints to Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) who have since launched the investigation.

“We are waiting to be contacted by the Anti-Corruption Commission as assured. At the moment, we don’t know whether the investigations are completed or not,” said one of the local publishers.  There has been a rift between the Ministry of Education and the local publishers where they were challenging the ministry in the manner they were awarding contracts to foreign publishers at the expense of the locals.

The situation had worked to the disadvantage of the local publishers.

But sources briefed the Daily Nation that the file for the tender had not been allocated, alleging that Ministry of Education was trying to push for clearance.

The local publishers are insisting that that the Ministry of Education operated outside the policy to facilitate the tender, wondering why they were denying them access to express their views over the awarding of tenders.

They have argued that the procurement process that saw a change from decentralized to centralized procurement was not communicated or discussed with the stakeholders but unilaterally implemented by the Ministry of Education.