Airtel fetes Cheshire home children

CHILDREN need to be nurtured in the way we want them to grow in the spirit of sharing, says Airtel legal director Nawa Mataa.

He was speaking during the Airtel organised Cheshire homes Christmas party in Lusaka yesterday.

Mr Mataa said Airtel would from time to time spend time with the vulnerable people in society to meet their various needs.

He said Airtel was fully aligned with the tradition of the extended family, and felt responsible for those that were needy in society.

Mr Mataa said it was for that reason they had a fully-fledged Corporate Social Responsibility programme falling on health and education in 2015.

“Airtel wants to be first among other corporations to join in the spirit of Christmas celebrations, and while we understand that we cannot solve all the problems of the underserved, we know that sharing what we have with them goes a long way in changing their lives,” he said.

Mr Mataa said the company wanted to begin with recognising the youth, especially the children from “Cheshire Homes”, and start to bring a brighter beam of light.

“Sharing with the needy is a way of recognising and appreciating their investment in us, and as a company operating in Zambia, we are fully aligned with the tradition of the extended family,” he said.

Mr Mataa further said Cheshire Homes was chosen because of its commitment to creating a loving, safe and rehabilitation services to the children.

“Cheshire Homes also provides the orphans with community support and facilitates community involvement to enhance the child’s sense of belonging and self-worth,” he said. He said the initiative was in line with Airtel’s corporate social responsibility which focuses on helping the underprivileged children and the youth in Zambia to realise their full potential.