Focused leaders lacking – chief

Lack of drive in leaders has contributed to the under-development of the country, Chief Mumena has said.

He said tolerating mediocrity was being misunderstood as democracy.

“Some leaders have made democracy an excuse for their non-performance in various positions they are given. Some leaders have been in the same positions for more than five years without any results,” he said.

Speaking in Solwezi, Chief Mumena said there were clones in various leadership positions.

He said there are a lot of educated people in the country and the relevant technology at everyone’s disposal but very little development and service delivery.

“At a time when we have better resources, we are seeing little or no development. As much as there are all these projects, what is needed to properly execute these programmes is leadership,” Chief Mumena said.

He said provincial, district and village development coordinating committees were not fostering any significant development.

Chief Mumena emphasized that leadership was not only about being a government official but about every duty bearer.

“There is need for leaders to have the courage to stand by aims and goals without being swayed otherwise,” he said.

Chief Mumena said leaders have the responsibility to explain the direction of a decision and stand firm by it.

“Today we see the need to evaluate whether various forums for development and dialogue are working out,” he said

Chief Mumena urged leaders across the country to take a first step to enhance service delivery in order to see real change in the nation.