LAZ support for Post disgraceful

It was a great shock to read that the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) is condemning the Post Newspaper raid by the Zambia Revenue Authority. What rule of law did the raid break when they have perfect entitlement under the law to undertake any measures that allow them to collect revenue for the State?

LAZ is supposed to be a professional corporate body, the torch-bearer of justice and therefore custodian of  the rule of law  which among  other things demands that citizens should be tax compliant, they must  pay their taxes on time without cheating.

How can LAZ come to the support of an organisation which is calculatingly evading taxes?

I have completely lost my faith and reverence for LAZ and I am sure I am speaking for many Zambians out there.

I wish however to assure LAZ that for as long at the Post fails to pay taxes, ZRA will be at its offices forever until a final solution is found. That is how it is going to work.

I was more shocked especially that the matter is now in court. Why could LAZ not wait for the outcome from the court?

Indeed if the Post is innocent as LAZ wants to make Zambians believe, the court will certainly set it free although I doubt about this possibility.

And if on the other hand the Post is found guilty, which is most likely, it should receive the punishment it deserves. That is the only way forward.

This support of Post by LAZ is suspicious and has completely devastated my mind and I fear for this country because people will now stop paying taxes thanks to LAZ.

I may be wrong but I smell a rat here but nobody can subdue the truth which I think will be known soon

Joe Chanda

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