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LAZ integrity questioned


I wish to express my concern through your objective paper about LAZ comments on Breeze Radio attacks in Chipata and the raid of Post offices by  ZRA as a threat to independent media. I wish to challenge LAZ to rise above truth. Does it mean that LAZ  you are happy the way Post has been doing their business – scandalizing innocent people? As LAZ , how many times have you read the Post paper which has turned into a political entity to sell their unsalable  cartel at the expense of tarnishing names of other political opponents? Where is your integrity as well. Is LAZ happy seeing Post try to avoid paying taxes to  the Zambian Government? Shame on LAZ! There is no need to be quiet on things that  people are witnessing of late especially the way Post reporters have lost their ethics, hence, will face hostility from Zambians. People are not happy with Post   for always insulting President Lungu . Negative reports about the government are the order of the day. Would you call that threat independent media? No ba Law Association of Zambia!



 Kafue resident laments


Can the Minister of Education please  come to our aid. Here in Kafue at Nangongwe Primary Grade seven pupils have been made to pay K50 to get their results. Is this correct?

Kafue resident.


 ERB not clear on tariffs adjustment


I find the statement on electricity tariff adjustment published in the  media by ERB strange and disappointing. Instead of ERB acting as a  regulatory body it was justifying the increment . Since ERB is claiming that the basis of the increase is the  power purchase agreement ZESCO signed with independent power producers, I would like to know the duration of the contract?  Are we likely to have cheaper power after expiry of the agreement? It is also important that Zesco lifts subsidized cost of electricity to its staff so that the money can be saved.

Marvin Chanda Mberi, Lusaka


HH cannot win election in 2016


HH and his members cannot win because his UPND is predominantly Tonga. Sorry ba HH tamwakawine. Hot Lungu is coming again.             

Concerned citizen


PF cadres harass council workers


Patriotic Front cadres are harassing council workers at city market. Their unruly behavior, damaging innocent people’s property, particularly the levying marketeers and buses is worrying. Please remove all the police officers from the market because they  are not doing anything to protect us traders.

Concerned citizen


This is for Mumbi Phiri


No doubt the poorest from all parts of Zambia will give President Lungu another Manda Hill in 2016. But someone please tell my sister Mumbi Phiri  to stop talking and acting like a Nazi German during the Second World War. The way I know fyebena Chinsali,we are highly sociable animals and never divisive.

Chinsali born and bred.


Mealie meal prices still high


Please  may the Minister of Agriculture come out and explain why the price of mealie meal has remained high even after giving cheap maize to millers. We  are waiting for K65 mealie meal per 25Kg bag which we were promised otherwise this issue will be considered a scandal.

 C.P. Lusaka  

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  1. Dear concerned I wish to remind you that the same Edgar has employed fatherless father to scandalize opposition leaders more especially HH. The post reports the truth that is going on in the country. Of have failed to manage the country hence they should be voted out next year come rain come sunshine

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