ZAMBEEF has potential to feed Africa

ZAMBEEF products have the potential to be a Pan-African brand, capable of feeding the entire continent, according to visiting Secretary of Kenya’s Ministry of Industrialization and Enterprise Development Adan Mohamed.

Mr Mohamed said Zambeef was a business that was African, Zambian, with international presence being listed on the London Stock Exchange.

“This is an incredible operation. It is an impressive story. Africa continues to remain the future food hub of the world and Zambeef is well positioned to not only feed the nation but the entire continent,” he said.

Mr Mohamed was in Zambia to attend the COMESA policy organs meetings in Lusaka, and toured  the Zambeef’s Huntley farm in Chisamba.

And Zambeef’s head of public relations and corporate affairs Felix Lupindula said Zambeef’s massive investment over the years in infrastructure, skills training, development of out-grower schemes and many more ventures has contributed towards the economic and social wellbeing of the country through the creation of employment, tax payable to the state as well as corporate social investment programmes.

“Zambeef has been a proudly Zambian company working with local farmers to bring value-added local produce to our customers. Over the many years of operations we have come to learn and understand that there are no shortcuts in farming. It takes both dedication and perseverance.,” he said.

Mr Lupindula said the company had invested heavily and would continue to do so, saying the company was intending on growing not only locally, but beyond the borders of Zambia.

He said Zambeef has approximately 8,150 hectares of row crops planted twice a year under irrigation and a further 8,480 hectares of rain-fed/dry-land crops available yearly.

“Zambeef slaughters around 55,000 beef cattle, 50,000 pigs and 6 million chickens, and processes 10 million litres of milk per year from its primary production division that has also incorporated small scale farmers enabling them to participate in the sector at a larger scale,” he said.