All envoys accredited to Zambia must maintain their cool

Dear Editor,

I am an ardent reader of your paper and would like to thank you for having featured my letter which was expressing concern on the conduct of United States (US) ambassador to Zambia Eric Schultz.

My letter was preceded by another one from a retired Zambian diplomat who also expressed the same concern.

I would at this juncture like to say that it is good the outspoken US envoy has now toned down and I must commend him for that.

It is important for Zambian politics to be left to our own people and there should be no interference from the outside world.

This is as it should be. Zambia has had good standing with the US and we would like to see this relation flourish.

Of course the US is a powerful country but as a country which believes in greater freedoms, it should allow Zambia and other countries exercise their democratic rights without undue influence.

It is hoped that Mr Schultz will maintain his cool especially when the political situation heightens next year as the county goes to the polls. This also goes to other envoys accredited to Zambia. They should work with the government of the day and stay away from local politics. Zambians will themselves have to speak through the ballot and there is no need to encourage the change of government as the PF is so far doing well.

The PF in the last four years has put up massive infrastructures, starting from roads, hospitals, stadiums and schools etc.

Even amidst the global economic challenges, the country’s economy has continued to grow with the Government coming up with good economic policies.

If all past governments did as much work as the PF has done in four years, Zambia would have gone far by this time.

It is therefore required that the PF should be given more time to roll out its development agenda so that Zambia can be a better place.

Kabwe Bwalya