Little Rainbow Party walking on soft grounds

Dear Editor,

I have often wondered why pint-sized political parties in Zambia are the worst noise makers.

Take little Rainbow Party whose strongman Wynter Kabimba is screaming on top of the world about the need to kick out PF in 2016 without saying anything.

If the sole resolve for Rainbow Party for being in politics is to remove PF from government next year, then it has confidently missed the bus to heaven.

This is because the reasons being advanced by Mr Kabimba for removing PF from office in 2016 are totally derisory, short of being stroppy.

Even as Mr Kabimba wants voters to remove PF from power, he has failed to tell us who should take over because he is obviously not on the line-up for the job as he is still very raw even to think about it.

As a devoted PF fan I will bluntly tell Mr Kabimba that Zambians will turn out in large numbers to vote for President Lungu because  the man is delivering on his party’s  promises. Even the blind can see what PF is doing for Zambians.

And in any case who gave Mr Kabimba the mandate to talk  or indeed advise Zambians who to vote for?

Zambians are master of their own and know who to vote for. They do not need Mr Kabimba’s advice.

Anyway nobody can take Mr Kabimba seriously for very explicable reasons.

Josiah Soko


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