ZRA’s camping at the Post most welcome development

Dear Editor,

Today I am happy because I have been vindicated over those legal raids at the Post offices by ZRA.

To the contrary, it is LAZ who today must be walking like three-legged horses because I told them that for as long as the Post does not pay taxes ZRA will forever camp at Bwinjimfumu until it is given the money which belongs to Zambians.

Up to now I am still in a deep tremor to imagine that an association like LAZ can arrogantly support a wrong with total disregard to the law pertaining to taxes in Zambia.

As for the Post to state that ZRA has continued to look for documents pertaining to tax invasion after earlier attempts to close the newspaper failed is a totally misdirected statement.

ZRA or Government have no plans whatsoever of shutting down the Post.  But should that happen, it should not be blamed on the law.

If it were in the US Mr Fred M’membe should have been in prison by now because tax invasion is a serious offence in that country and Mr M’membe knows this very well.

I am however happy that Mr M’membe is also quickly learning that tax invasion even in Zambia can be problematical too. Wait until ZRA is finished with its work at the Post.

Jay Kabemba


One thought on “ZRA’s camping at the Post most welcome development

  1. Good article. Only need to check your spelling of evading tax. “Tax evasion” It is amazing that Fredrick Mumembe accused RB of wanting to close the post. He (Mmembe) was told that the Post would be closed by creditors not RB. Surely ECL will not want to close the post for what? But those that the Post owe will definitely close the post if the owner does not pay.

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