Chama takes on ‘unpatriotic’ critics

Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Chama has questioned the patriotism of any one challenging the ruling party to prove that the challenges the country is going through are not local but global.

Mr  Chama accused such critics of not being patriotic Zambians as it was for all to see that copper prices worldwide had gone down.

Mr Chama said a lot of issues were happening on the global scene and affecting Zambia in particular.

In reference to Rainbow Party leader Wynter Kabimba who was recently  quoted as saying the PF must stop saying that the economic challenges the country was going through were a result of global trends, Mr Chama wondered whether Mr Kabimba is living in Zambia for him not see that copper prices were no longer in the country’s favour and that of other countries.

“If he stays in Zambia and he does not understand what is happening, how will he rule Zambia since he is an opposition leader but is not following the global dynamics?” Mr Chama questioned.

“The price of oil has been falling, the price of copper has been falling on the international market and everyone is aware of that.

‘‘Basically all commodity prices on the international market have been falling and this is affecting the economies of a lot of countries including Zambia,” he said.

He said  people who want to rule the country must be able to understand how international dynamics affect economies of the world.

Mr Chama said the weather patterns have equally affected a lot of things including the energy sector, thereby causing a power deficit due to lack of sufficient water.

He  said it was unfortunate that natural causes were being politicized and that politicians should not pretend that they did not know what was happening.


Courtesy of Millennium Radio