Go ahead, campaign against us-PF tells off Grand Coalition


THE GRAND Coalition on the campaign for a People-Driven Constitution has resolved to campaign against the Patriotic Front (PF) and Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) for voting in favour of the Constitution Amendment Bill in Parliament.

But the Patriotic Front (PF) has challenged the Grand Coalition to go ahead with their agenda of campaigning against the ruling party as their schemes failed them in the January presidential election.

PF deputy general secretary Mumbi Phiri said the PF was not worried about the politically inclined Grand Coalition which supported the opposition in the January presidential election because Zambians were determined to renew the mandate of President Edgar Lungu and the ruling party.

But Coalition member of the steering committee, Judith Mulenga said the Grand Coalition would instead support a political party that would deliver a people-driven constitution.

Speaking during a press briefing in Lusaka yesterday, Ms Mulenga said the Grand Coalition would be very happy to support any political party that would eventually give them a people driven constitution.

“We shall definitely not support the PF and MMD. We will support any political party that can give us a people driven constitution. Ideally the constitution making process is not the preserve of the government but in this country we have seen how the government has manipulated the views of the people and the stakeholders,” she said.

Ms Mulenga said the campaign on a people driven constitution still stands and would be kept on the national agenda until a constitution was given.

And Bishop John Mambo, who also a member of the coalition, said the Grand Coalition will not campaign against the PF but they shall be fired in 2016.

“Members of Parliament are our servant although they call us names we have given them a contract to serve us and we should fire them. We shall not only campaign against PF but they will be fired because a servant cannot greater than his master,” Bishop Mambo said. And Coalition vice chairperson Sara Longwe said the Bill that was passed was not new but amendments to the constitution.

“What they passed in Parliament is not what the people of Zambia drafted. It belongs to the PF and not the Zambian people. What happened in Parliament last week is part of the treachery that the Grand Coalition consistently warned Zambians to be wary about,” she said.

But Mrs Phiri said the PF was aware of the alliance between the coalition and the opposition political parties but that God was with President Lungu who had humbled himself before Zambians for giving him the privilege to govern the country.

She said President Lungu was awake to the fact that he would one day leave the presidency and that was why he was dedicated to give the best to Zambians.

She stated that while there had been other presidents before President Lungu, the Head of State had proved to be different as he had continued to honour the promises he gave to the electorate.

“The Grand Coalition campaigned against the PF in the January presidential election but they did not succeed. We tell them again to go and join hands with the opposition but one thing they should know is that the PF will not lose next year. Zambians are happy with President Lungu because he has been fulfilling the promises. The President knows he would one day leave power and that is why he is determined to do the best for the country. Zambians are now going to have a new Constitution which has eluded them for many years but money had been spent,” Mrs Phiri said.

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